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Mr Mavunga

I’m white. My family is ex-Rhodesian. I was born in South Africa just after your country won it’s independence. Many people very close to me fought in the same war as you and your compatriates fought, only, they fought on the other side. I am a passionate and committed South African. I don’t believe in white rule and I don’t believe in black rule. I believe in a rule of a people by its own people. Race is a concept Africa needs to free itself of before you or I will see peace and prosperity on this continent.

You’ve wasted an entire article berating Ian Smith, Basson and others in order to paint a picture of gross racism and disrespect of whites for blacks while at the same time painting a pretty picture of the ‘innocent’ ZANU and ZAPU participants in the struggle. Are you forgetting Viscount? Are you forgetting the terrible torture, maiming, murder and intimidation of your own people by your own guerillas? I am about as likely to believe your propaganda aimed at us racist whites as I am to believe those black on black and black on white atrocities did not happen.

Peter, the war is over. The war was over nearly 28 years ago. Forget Ian Smith, forget Wouter Basson… Zimbabwe has more important priorities than redressing suspected crimes from decades ago. You have an economic and political crisis in your country. Your people are suffering under worse oppression than they have ever experienced before – they’re poor and hungry. Further, they’re subject to a more and more powerful government every day.

Absolute power currupts absolutely. Mr Mugabe has destroyed the Zimbabwe that your ZANU and ZAPU compatriates fought so hard to win in the 60’s and 70’s. It’s time to be frank with yourself and see through the misinformation. Robert Mugabe has ruled your country for nearly 30 years. The AU stipulates 2 terms maximum. He’s three times over the limit. The man has systematically extended his grip on total power over the country and in the process whipped the rug from beneath your economy, exacted gross human right abuses against his own people and consistently denied the opposition the freedom they deserve to campaign for a better Zimbabwe for all Zimbabweans.

I want to tell you, Peter Mavunga, to put up your hand now and say ‘I want a new Zimbabwe… I want a Zimbabwe where democracy is the only absolute power… I want to stand up and fight for that new Zimbabwe!’, but I cannot. I cannot ask you to do such a thing because your President and his compatriates will have you silenced. What now Peter? What now?

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  1. What next is for Warwick Bruce Chapman to at least be fair. Being a white South African I know this is going to be very hard. We never had democracy till 1980. This was not given to us. We had to fight for this.
    So be a bit carefully and sensitive at least. We still have not had redress to most of the injustices that we sufferred under your people. So do not tell us to forget the past when it is still the present for us.
    You mention viscount, what about Chimoio and many other refugee camps which your people wiped out.
    All the mallescious allegations and innuendo which feels the westen press and repeat, shows exactely what you are.
    I do not think you and your like know what democracy is. Please stop patronising Zimbabweans. They can speak for themselves and elect which leaders they like regardless of your preference.
    If you really want to comment on Zimbabwe please be fair and stop demonising anyone. Stick to the truth

  2. To Warwick Bruce Chapman
    If “race is a concept that Africa needs to free itself from” How come we have never had a Black French President or a Black British Prime Minister? America is currently “threatened” with the prospect of trying to only select a Black party candidate, let alone at national level. It seems that the closest the Western World have come to doing this is the appointing of the Sentamus of this world who are clearly suffering from mental HIV/AIDS and have chronic identity crises! They get angry on your behalf!! You also say that we should forget about the war. Have the Jews forgotten about the Germans and what they went through? As Mubaiwa has already told you, dont patronise us, democracy and the so called human rights were never given to us on a silver platter! The human rights you keep on referring to are Whiteman’s Rights but you are a coward not to say so!!!

  3. Peter, when did you leave Zimbabwe? You are one of the few people who fled Zimbabwe 20 years ago and never helped their relatives back home. Remember that home is best. Chengeta hama dzichiri mhenyu kwete kungozo mhanya nema bokisi kanavafa.

  4. Peter nyarara iwe uchaurayisa vanhu kumusha kana uchiramba uchingo rotomoka kudaro. Sekuti iwe mhuri yako iriko London ndosaka uchitaura tusiana basa kudaro. Vanhu vekuchindotwe vano tambudzika chaizvo .

    Batsira hamam dzako shamwari.

  5. to Tigere Mubaiwa: You say Warwick and his “kind” does not know what democracy is…I can assure you that what’s happening in Zim is what it’s not!

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