Puketop is well after minor procedure

PRESS RELEASE: “Puketop is well after minor procedure”, 10 September, 2008

DURBAN, South Africa – The infamous PUKETOP, a product of Tequila in copious volumes relative to accepted human consumption standards, a certain Ms Robyn Bronwyn Hobbs aka Bobby, and an inconveniently positioned Dell Laptop, has finally been restored to expected operating levels by an authorized onsite Dell repair agent.

A strapping young Dell technician, Mr Nishan Harold Pillay, visited Ms Hobbs at her place of residence in Greyville, Durban earlier today to perform a simple procedure known as a key-based input device transplant.

Mr Pillay was quoted midway through the process as saying “it looks sticky”, and later during the procedure, proposing that in his professional opinion the residue was as a result of “coffee and biscuits”.

Ms Hobbs throughout the process maintained complete composure and did not let on in any way the darker secret to the nature of the “sticky” residue seen by Mr Pillay.

While the transplant procedure was a success, the PUKETOP is not completely out of the woods; unfortunately Mr Pillay did discover a “little bit of something on the motherboard”, but, in his professional opinion again, and much to the relief of an already relieved Ms Hobbs, “it doesn’t seem to be affecting anything.”

The recovery period after the minor procedure is expected to be short and Ms Hobbs and her PUKETOP should soon be able to collaborate as they did before that fateful night almost a year ago.

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  1. I feel honoured to be mentioned in this blog and i’m glad you’ve had hours of entertainment out of my most embarrassing moment in life so fair 😛

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