Phew! Moses’ Arch is Complete

The beautiful Arch over the new Moses Mabhida soccer stadium is complete.  And resting on itself.  And not falling over.  Wicked. says, “The arch, which consists of 56 separate 10m pieces stands 106m high, weighs 3500 tons is symbolic of the South African flag – the two legs on the southern side of the stadium come together to form a single footing on the northern side, symbolising the unity of a once divided nation through sport. A high-tech cable car has been designed to take visitors to the highest point of the arch where they can take in panoramic views of the city. Standing 30 storeys tall, the arch is the same height as one of Durban’s tallest buildings – John Ross house overlooking the harbour.

The last piece fitted this morning weighed 60 tons and the arch pieces had to be opened by 5cm’s on either side to accommodate this final section.”  Read the rest of the article here.

Here’s poor photo taken from the King’s Park swimming pool parking lot this morning (What a glorious day in Africa!):


Moses Mabhida Stadium's Arch is complete!
Moses Mabhida Stadium's Arch is complete!

Here’s an idea what the completed stadium will look like:


An artists impression of the completed stadium
An artist's impression of the completed stadium