How to pay a traffic fine issued in Howick

In the event that someone needs to pay a traffic fine which has been issued in person in Howick, I happened to stumble across this information.

Fines can be paid into this bank account despite the fact the fine says only cheque or postal order is acceptable:

Magistrate Howick
FNB branch 220725

Payment reference is the pink number in the top right hand of the page between the 50/ and the /2542
Fax payment confirmation to: 033 330 7155

Queries to Howick Court 033 330 2117

UPDATE: Penny commented on this post with the following information: “Once payment is made one can email the proof to or fax to another number: 086 507 0811″

I have a call recording* (mp3) which I regard as being a wonderful example of good customer service from the public sector.  I got the number of the court from a friendly and efficient agent after calling the contact number of the uMngeni Municipality taken off their website (033 239 9200).

Please note that I edited the call recording to remove my fine’s reference number, some confirmations of details given and one or two “Um’s”.

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21 thoughts on “How to pay a traffic fine issued in Howick

  1. This is the most useful piece of information I have had this whole year! We don’t use cheques, are based in Johanesburg and the Pinetown traffic fine department was simply not being very helpful. So I phoned The Howick Magistrates Court as per this advice and they were such a pleasure to deal with. All the information as far as telephone numbers and banking details etc. given in the column are correct, and paying the fine took less than 10 minutes out of my day. Thank you so much.

  2. Hi… i phoned the howick magistrates and was informed that i had to pay the Traffic camera office in pinetown as i had a notice of fine, not a summons…:-( what a shlep as the traffic camera dept doesnt do eft’s… sigh!

  3. Excellent information, thanks for publishing it.

    It has made payment to the Howich Traffic Dept much easier.

    many thanks

  4. Thank you for posting this, just me being me I called and verified all the information and everything is correct as of 23.01.2011

    Thanks again

  5. Mr Monale,

    I posted this information as it was difficult for me to find out and I figured it would be useful to others. I have no involvement with the department concerned. Please contact them directly.

    Warwick Chapman

  6. Hi Warwick, THANK YOU so much for this info – saved me loads of time! This is the power of knowledge sharing – THANK YOU THANK YOU! Nirasha

  7. Thanks it worked well. I called and it was a pleasure. I think some public offices can take a note from these chaps.

  8. i got a fine on the 08/08/2011, i lost the fine and completely forgot about it, today a women comes to my house and issues a court fine, telling me to appear in court on the 21/06/2012.. im from johannesburg and it will be an inconvenience to go there. does anyone know if i could get it sorted out without having to go there?? much appreciated

  9. thanks so much for the info, i called dem and got it sorted out, they very pleasant.. thanks so much for this thread

  10. 30/72012
    Thank you so much. This department was fantastic. They couldn’t help me but went out of their way to find the relevant number for my query.
    Ticket in Howick, has to be paid in Pinetown. Am phoning them now on 0317020967

  11. Unfortunately for me, I have to send a cheque or postal order. Apparently the spot fine that my brother received in Howick can’t be paid any other way. But everyone I spoke to was super efficient and friendly!

  12. Thanks a lot for the information. Was a tremendous help!! Here is more information that may help. Once payment is made one can email the proof to or fax to another number: 0865070811

  13. Good day

    Can u please assist me with a address to courier Nomination of Drivers we use to do by registerd post and can’t rely on the post office any more.


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