Mr Speaker, that resignation you’ve been looking for …


Dear Mr Speaker 


I hereby tender my resignation as a member of the eThekwini Municipal Council effective midnight 30 June 2013.

eThekwini has all the potential to be the best City on the continent. From the warm and sunny climate to our diverse and friendly people, this City should be one of the best places to live in the world.

All that stands between our City today and realising that potential is a clean and efficient City government that delivers and builds on that potential.

I look forward to returning to Durban one day and being part of such a government. In the meantime, try not to stuff it up too much.

Yours faithfully
Warwick Chapman

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2 thoughts on “Mr Speaker, that resignation you’ve been looking for …

  1. You heckled instead of respectfully contributed,I hope you never “serve” the public again

  2. The day that public service is measured by performance inside council chambers, will be a very sad day for politics. What goes on between politicians inside councils and parliaments is not far off of performing arts – the real public service happens in the communities, at the coal face.

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